I’m not a huge fan of historical romances but since it had a paranormal element and was written by Eva Gordon I knew that I’d love it. And I was not wrong! Ms Gordon has paid a great of attention to trying to get a proper medieval feel atmosphere to the book and that’s saying something cos I’m a history nut and hate it when people take liberties with histories timeline LOL. Camelot may be of myth and legend but it is vibrantly brought to life here.

I love the face that the novel begins before the hero and heroine meet. There is a great buildup to their meeting and you get to see their lives before they meet and what problems they have in daily life. In this tale the alpha werewolf males can only breed successfully with human females. Whilst not a lover of damsels in distress, Annora had enough backbone to not make her a walkover.

Annora is a scholar, unusual enough for this time period when not many women could read or write, but also a wolf maiden who is being shipped off to chilly, wet and windy Britain to meet her betrothed. When her caravan is attacked by a rogue wolf who intends to make her his wolf maiden and therefore incite the rage of the council, the Lupercal. She manages to escape and makes her way to Bledig, but finds out that not only does he hate being wolf, he wants to become Christian and become a Knight at the round table! A women can stand up for most things in a romance but can she stand and win against a King?!?!?!


Morgan le Fay is a good witch, and her evil sister Morgause seduces her brother, Arthur and gives birth to the ill-fated Mordred. The plot is even paced and speeds up when the action takes place. The mythology is dealt with well, keeping mostly within the established Arthurian world with a dabble in the theory behind Stonehenge. There is action, adventure and derring-do with a whole lot of character. There is paranormal elements and shape shifting. What’s not to love???

Waiting impatiently for the next one!!