Ariella’s Keeper

First Divinity Healers book.

Ariella was sent to the medical plane by her influential father for treatment. But when disaster strikes her home world she is left in the care of the Medical Supreme. He wants her firmly under his control and injects her with an illness which confines her to his home!!! When he decides the time has come he blackmails his son to come home and springs a nasty surprise on both Ariella and Sebastjan!

Sebastjan, may be the Medical Supremes son but he is nothing like his father. He stays as far away as possible from his political shenanigans. He was not the subservient pawn required by his father.Blackmailed into coming home he is stunned when his father tells him that to continue getting funding for his project he has to marry…Ariella. He is angry at his father and assumes that Ariella is like every other cloying woman who wants to marry a wealthy doctor.

But when they realise that are equally under the Supremes duplicitous thumb and they soon learn that together they are stronger!!!

Great new branch to the Divinity Series!!! Nice to see characters from Divinity Warriors being mentioned and makes it feel like a natural progression from the original books rather than a brand new series.

Sebastjan has baggage of his own and Linnea is stronger than she knows. The Medical Supreme is just the kind of bad guy to make your blood boil! Fab story!


Blaze of Glory
I love all Mandy M Roth Books. Have yet to find one I didn’t love!!!! Prospect Springs is a beautiful amalgam of my favourite genres – sci fi, shifters and cowboys!!!!! Holy hawtness I need to get myself to Prospect Springs and snag me a McSweeny man. They are your favourite alpha male traits all rolled up into one smoking package.
Jon is just the right mix of protective and possessive and Molly is a real firecracker. She has overcome some horrible things in her past and there has been a delay in claiming her as a mate by Jon as he had wanted her to grow and be her own person.

Things go along at a great pace and the supporting characters felt fully fleshed and not just along for the ride. My only gripe was I can’t help but wish the book was longer!!!!!!!