Drake’s a bear shifter and like the rest of his clan it searching for his mate. But living in the isolated wilderness is not exactly conducive to finding her! The clan males tend to go insane if they haven’t claimed their mate by the time they reach their early 30’s so Drake’s mating clock is speeding up.

Molly is a romantic novelist with horrific writers block. How can she sell happily ever after when her own love life is in need of serious help? Men have treated her badly in past and she is sick and tired of not meeting their standards cos she isn’t stick thin and has a brain. On a retreat to Cold Creek Mountain she has a car accident and in her agony is sure that she sees a bear but is then rescued by a decidedly large human male. But as she recovers at his home, surrounded by a weirdly similar looking bunch of men she feels a tug towards him. Is he the answer to her pitiful love-life? Could she see herself adapting to this rugged rural life? What is the problem with his weirdly possessive and misogynistic friend?


Fantastically well paced story. Molly and Drake are so perfect for each other but so hampered by previous relationships pitfalls and in Drake’s case a big old shifter secret, that neither are willing to show the other what they mean to them. I loved the lurking shadow of the previous alpha and his cronies, nothing like a bit of danger to throw these two romantics together!!