Barbarian Prince – Michelle Pillow

Morrigan Blake is a reporter who joins the Galaxy Brides corporation in order to get the scoop on a royal wedding. She gets some fab perks along, enhancements to make her a better bride. However the downloads she gets are a bit vague and downright shoddy in parts. But no worries, she’s not going to actually get married…right???

When Ualan sees Morrigan, the crystal around his neck glows which means she is his mate. After the claiming ceremony Morrigan tells Ualan that she has no intention of staying with him. When she is told that they are now married by the plants own law, she kind if goes into meltdown and declares herself a slave. Little knowing that as she is the one who indentures herself, she is the only one can break it. Ualan has to treat her as such until Morrigan asks the king and queen, his parents to pardon her and remove her slave status.

There follows a farcical rampage of disasters, least of which is Morrigans total lack of skills in the slave dept!!! She doesn’t even know how to clean up the mess she makes trying to get one over on Ualan.
This story had a lot of sexual tension and humour. I did find it incredibly hard to like Morrigan. She is quite self centred and does things to spite herself. I’m not exactly a domestic goddess myself but even I know how to do the basic tasks Ualan sets her. Yesthings were kept from her and Ualans own traditions mean there are misconceptions, misundertandings and miscommunications but these could have been resolved if Morrigan wasn’t quite so…Morrigan!!!!!!


Tipping the Scales – Mandy Roth

Zarek, a hot dragon shifter (and he knows it) alpha who knows it. But his new mission it find his mate before his 600th birthday or his virile get up and go will disappear and he’ll no longer be able to have sex!!!!!!, Hi is arrogant and cocky but saves himself from being obnoxious with humour when dealing with his mate – who is not so susceptible to his secreted aphrodisiac – nauseating I believe she called it!!!

Keren is a demon slayer by night, office worker by day. She is very capable of taking care of herself. When they meet in a bar she plants a punch to Zarek, believing he had pinched her bum hard. Zarek later wonders who this human is because she is not falling to her knees like he expected!!!!

This book is short (only 6 chapters) but it is chock packed of funny scenes and hotness of the bedroom variety.
I’ve read a lot of Ms Roths books and the characters in each series are all quite fresh and none are the jaded, boring old shifter. They all have a killer sense of humour (intentionally or not) and I love it when her heroines don’t instantly fall at the hero’s feet and make him work hard!!!

Will leave you panting for more!!!!!