Nieve and Hunter’s story is Snow White with a bite!!!!

Nieve’s evil stepmother enjoys being Queen and similarly enjoys making Nieve feel unwelcome in her own life. Her father is constantly away on royal business and leaves her to the care of his wife. The Queen decides to have done with her once and for all and hires a shape shifter to kill her into the forest the assassin sees his chance to strike but when he catches sight of his prey, he realises he doesn’t have it in him to kill her.

Hunter may be a poor shapeshifter but he does have some morals. He needs the money the queen would pay him but Nieve is just so lovely he decides to help hide her away. His bear recognises her as their mate but what will the princess do when she finds out that she was his target, not for love but to kill???


Brilliant re-imagining of the Snow White story. I loved the new version of the dwarves!!!! Hunter and Nieve sizzle and Nieve’s naivety is lovely. When they finally “seal the deal” he is so careful with her, a total contradiction to his big burly bear!