Chase and his brothers run a security business. He met Katrina when she was on the run from her slimeball abusive ex. He didn’t count on her being his mate. He knows she’s unsure around men due to her ex and he’s willing to take his time but after they have a passionate encounter and she runs off the next morning he’s not sure what to think.

Katrina didn’t mean to lead Chase on but her head is all over the place and she needs some distance to sort herself out. When she returns to town will Chase forgive her for running off? Will his decision be swayed by the secret she is keeping from him?


I loved the way Katrina scrapes her life together and forges a new independent life for herself. Chase is wonderfully cute as the bear shifter who is not quite sure what to make of his mates disappearing act. I loved the wallow-in-his-own-alcohol-riddled-meltdown scene with his brother!

So looking forward to see what happens in this crazy little town next!