Ven is needed by the pack to take over the local petrol station. It’s going to be used as an outpost for the revitalised pack, alerting them to who is entering their land. When he finally comes out of wolf form he realises that he had gone wolf for months. He always preferred being wolf but never had he stayed that way for so long.

Caitlyn had caught the salacious attention of the previous alpha and she and her family fled as a result. She is an Omega and will always bevulnerable. It had been the duty of her alpha family to protect her and they all feel immense guilt that they couldn’t protect her. But when they return to pack land for the mating ceremony of her brother and his new mate, she slowly settles into her new life.

But destiny awaits these two lonely, broken wolves. They may think they are not worthy of the other but each may have the missing piece of the others soul.

Fabulous series dealing with hard hitting, emotional storylines. Each of our main characters suffered abuse at the hands of someone they should have been able to trust implicitly. They each deal with the pain in their own way and carry the burden of self loathing to a certain extent. I loved the tight knit family Caitlyn has but can also feel why she occasionally feels they are all a bit much!!! Ven is the outward bad boy with a hidden sensitive centre, even through its wrapped in a side of surly! Fab read!!!12108086_914225755365435_6965252455747506717_n