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March 2016

Rising Bounty by KD Jones

Abe Connor, part alien part hereditary Scot, is a bounty hunter with a pathological dislike of liars. He can spot a liar a mile off and for the life of him he can’t figure out what the new ba…

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The Bad Boys Gift by Sara Daniel

His gift is the only thing left from the love they shared…and she plans to sell it!!!

Out March 29th – The Bad Boy’s Gift (The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow #1) by Sara Daniel

Blurb: Former bad boy, now famous artist, Zane DeMonde laughs off an engraved invitation to return to Regret Hollow, the same town that booted him out fifteen years ago. When he discovers the woman who once broke his heart is putting his professional reputation at risk by selling his old paintings, he’s no longer laughing. He’ll do anything to stop her, even return to town … even put his heart in jeopardy again.

High school art teacher Julianne Truman’s last chance to save her beloved art department from budget cuts is to sell the old artwork Zane gifted her. Her heart breaks to remove the final traces of him from her life, but she needs to finally move on from the love she never got over.

Julianne’s life belongs to her students, and Zane’s only goal is to protect his art. But the moment they wrap their arms around each other, their old attraction flares to life hot enough to incinerate them and their best intentions.

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About Sara Daniel:

Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to steamy and everything in between. She grew up in a small town and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She has no regrets about turning her back on her accounting degree to write romance, but she deeply regrets her inability to keep track of her car keys.

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“Do all those things I confided in you years ago mean nothing to you?”

“Family’s important,” she whispered. She hadn’t imagined he’d see her actions as a betrayal of trust.

“I remember exactly how important family is to you.” Sarcasm crept into his voice. “A hell of a lot more important than me, definitely more important than this.” He hooked his arm around her shoulders and hauled her across the console, slamming his lips against hers.

Hard, angry demands from a man who no longer cared about pleasing her contrasted sharply with the memories of teenage sweetness and gentle tentativeness he’d once shown. He thrust
his tongue between her lips, plundering her mouth. Instead of pushing him away and ordering him to stop, she leaned into him and tangled her tongue with his, meeting him stroke for stroke.

The hands gripping her shoulders relaxed, and the demanding thrusts of his tongue turned to languid strokes. She sifted her fingers through his soft black hair. Oh, how she’d missed being held in his arms, touching him, exploring him, and being one with him.

But they were hardly on their way to becoming one when he kissed her as a punishment.

She jerked away.

A car horn blared.

She straightened. Damn. She’d forgotten about Len, forgotten everything but Zane’s hands and mouth and sweet exploration.

Blinking out the windshield, she braced for the sight of Len laying on the horn of his pickup. Instead, he stood across the yard, wearing padded headphones and maneuvering a weed whip.

“If you’re looking for the honker, I believe you’re the culprit.” Zane nodded to her elbow resting on the steering wheel.

“Oh.” She yanked her arm back, settling into the passenger seat and pulling the seat belt strap. After three tries, she managed to lock the buckle into place. If Zane noticed her shaking hands, he didn’t mention it as he pulled away from the curb and left her house and his father behind.

If he’d kissed her to teach her a lesson, she’d learned one thing. She still wanted him, now more than ever.

Cover Reveal – Kindred Salvation by LJ Sealey

Kindred Salvation (Divine Hunter #3) by L.J. Sealey

Release: Summer 2016 TBC
Hell wants an angel. . .
Against her better judgement, Lacy Holloway is getting used to her life with Michael, but falling deeper in love with him is only bringing more uncertainty about their future together. And then there’s the other little problem: God only knows why her dead sister is still hanging around, but she is secretly glad. living with the man she loves, and having Beth back in her life, Lacy is hiding her concerns behind the normal life she so desperately craves.
Things have been quiet in Oakland, but calm wasn’t usually on Michael’s radar, and for good reason. Now the dead are stirring and when Michael and Jaret discover a mass grave in Cincinnati they suspect Varesh has returned.
Their suspicions are heightened the moment Michael comes face to face with a past he knows very little about, and that past comes with some shocking news. Overwhelmed by what he’s learned, and desperate to stop his evil enemy, Michael finds himself on the hunt for a woman who is closer to him than he could have ever imagined. But if Hell finds her first, the repercussions will be devastating, not just for Michael, but for the whole of mankind.
Who will get to her first? Angel or demon?
Other books in by L.J. Sealey:
• AWAKEN (Divine Hunter #1)
• DARK DELIVERANCE (Divine Hunter #2)
• EVO – A Divine Hunter World Novel (Divine Hunter #2.5) *Can also be read as a standalone*
About The Author and Stalker Links:
L.J. Sealey was born and raised in a little Welsh town by the sea. It rains a lot, so she often has a great excuse to sit at her writing desk and while away the hours at her laptop.
She still lives in N.Wales and when she’s not travelling around the country working with her husband – who is a professional singer – or singing backup vocals herself, she likes to read and watch her favourite TV shows which normally includes plenty of CSI, The Vampire Diaries and endless amounts of sitcoms. Being addicted to reading about vampires, demons, shifters and angels, she has always had a thing for all things paranormal and is a big sucker for impossible love stories. So it was inevitable that when she started writing herself she would mix the two together.
L.J. Sealey is the author of the paranormal romance series Divine Hunter.

Rising Bounty by KD Jones

Abe Connor, part alien part hereditary Scot, is a bounty hunter with a pathological dislike of liars. He can spot a liar a mile off and for the life of him he can’t figure out what the new bar manager has to lie about but she is lying through her teeth. He owes it to his friend to make sure she is upto no good but his search on her past opens up a whole can of worms which would have been better off being left alone!

Roxanne is on the run with her daughter from her slimeball abusive ex. Along wither her aged mother, they have bounced from town to town but thinks they may – finally – have found a new home. She loves her bar manager job and is slowly making friends. But she has caught the eye of the local, sex-on-a-stick-wearing-a-kilt bounty hunter and not the way she wants. The last thing she needs is to be flagged to the authorities attention. But as he uncovers her past he pledges to keep her and her adorable daughter safe. But when danger looms will he be able to keep that promise or will her abusive ex get what he wants most?????


Abe and Roxanne are a great combination. They have both suffered abuse and abandonment of one form or another and need an anchor. How could she not fall for the delicious Abe – he wears a kilt people!!! OK I’m a Scot and therefore biased on that last bit but he is toe curlingly hot!

KD Jones writes wonderfully snappy dialogue and can ramp up the action and adventure. The love scenes are flaming hot and I dare you not to fall in love with the gorgeous little person that is Cici!!

A Mate’s Redeeming Touch by Merryn Dexter

Ven is needed by the pack to take over the local petrol station. It’s going to be used as an outpost for the revitalised pack, alerting them to who is entering their land. When he finally comes out of wolf form he realises that he had gone wolf for months. He always preferred being wolf but never had he stayed that way for so long.

Caitlyn had caught the salacious attention of the previous alpha and she and her family fled as a result. She is an Omega and will always bevulnerable. It had been the duty of her alpha family to protect her and they all feel immense guilt that they couldn’t protect her. But when they return to pack land for the mating ceremony of her brother and his new mate, she slowly settles into her new life.

But destiny awaits these two lonely, broken wolves. They may think they are not worthy of the other but each may have the missing piece of the others soul.

Fabulous series dealing with hard hitting, emotional storylines. Each of our main characters suffered abuse at the hands of someone they should have been able to trust implicitly. They each deal with the pain in their own way and carry the burden of self loathing to a certain extent. I loved the tight knit family Caitlyn has but can also feel why she occasionally feels they are all a bit much!!! Ven is the outward bad boy with a hidden sensitive centre, even through its wrapped in a side of surly! Fab read!!!12108086_914225755365435_6965252455747506717_n

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